Escape Angle

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Alternate Mapping: Escape Angle

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Alternate Mapping Escape Angle generates a value based on the angle of the orbit point when it escapes (diverges/converges).

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The Escape Angle properties pages are:

  • Properties

The Properties page supports several properties to control the results.

Fractal Science Kit: Escape Angle

If Relative Angle is checked, the previous orbit point is used as the angle vertex rather than the origin. This is normally checked when using this with a convergent fractal equation (e.g., Newton fractal).

Smoothing is the amount of smoothing applied to the angle. Use 0 to disable smoothing.

Factor is a scale factor applied to the value; i.e., value = value*Factor.

Offset is an offset added to the value; i.e., value = value+Offset.

Bounce Value is a Boolean value that, when checked, applies the Bounce function to the value.

Bounce Center is a value between 0 and 1 that is used to adjust the peak when Bounce Value is checked. Normally this value is 0.5 to place the peak in the center of the range. Values like 0.25 and 0.75 move the peak to the inside/outside of the range and are nice variations.

Smooth Value is a Boolean value that, when checked, applies a smoothing function to the final value.


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