Controller Functions

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Controller Functions Support

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Controller functions are supported in the following programs:

Each of these programs has an associated array of controllers. The specific content of the array is set on the Controllers properties page.

The following functions provide access to these controllers:


Controller.Count returns the number of controllers in the array of controllers. Controller.Color returns the color computed by the controller given by index. Controller.ColorOpacity invokes each controller in the list, and merges the resulting colors based on the opacity value in each color's Alpha field.

The index argument in each function is an index into the array of controllers. The controller items in the array correspond to index values 0 to Controller.Count()-1. If index is outside this range, the value is wrapped around at each extreme into the valid range. For example, an index value of Controller.Count() would become 0 when wrapped, and an index value of -1 would become Controller.Count()-1.


color = Controller.Color(IIf(Sample.IsInside, 0, 1))

This example uses the color from controller 0 if the sample is inside the Mandelbrot set and controller 1 otherwise.


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