OptionArray Statement

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OptionArray Statement Syntax

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator optionArray statement is 1 of the statements used in the properties section of the program instructions to define the program's Properties.

The optionArray statement is used to combine several options together in an array. The array items are given 1 per line but multiple items can be given on the same line by separating them with a comma (,) character.


optionArray Vertices {
  PointA, PointB, PointC

This statement combines the 3 options PointA, PointB, and PointC, into a constant array called Vertices[]. The entries of the array can be expressions composed of options or literal numbers.


optionArray Angles {

This example defines a constant array called Angles[] that contains the 3 angle options converted to radians.

The optionArray statement expressions cannot reference function proxies, dataset information, or SamplePointValue options.


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