Program Properties

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Program Properties Overview

A Fractal Science Kit fractal program can define a set of Program Properties to appear on the properties pages associated with the program. The user can interactively change the values of the properties on the properties pages to control program execution. Properties are defined in the properties section of the program instructions. Properties include enums, function proxies, option maps, options, option arrays, constants, and data tables. Statements in the properties section are unlike the statements in the other sections of the program. In fact, the language constructs described thus far are not permitted in this section, with the exception of the #define and #include statements which are allowed.

Most of the statements in this section result in one or more constants that you will use in the other sections of your program to control program flow. The user interacts with the properties on the properties pages which sets the values of the constants used by your program. The order of the statements in the properties section determines the order of the associated properties on the properties pages.

The macros defined in the macros section of the program instructions cannot be referenced in the properties section since the macros section is compiled after the properties section to allow the macros to reference the program properties.


When you change any instructions in the properties section, all of the properties are reset to their default values without warning. Any changes you have made on the program properties pages are lost. Please be careful.


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