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Classic Properties Page

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Classic page is found under the Mandelbrot / Julia / Newton page and holds properties related to color smoothing based on a smoothing method called continuous potential.

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The following pages are found in the page hierarchy under the Classic page:

The Controllers page lets you set the list of Classic Controllers used to process this fractal.


Fractal Science Kit - Classic Properties

The Classic section holds a single property Smooth Colors that activates continuous potential smoothing. If Smooth Colors is unchecked, no smoothing is applied and coloring based on the sample's Magnitude will simply use a linear scaling of the sample's (compressed) dwell values. If Smooth Colors is checked, continuous potential smoothing is applied to the sample's Magnitude resulting in a smooth transition between dwells.

Color Compression

Fractal Science Kit - Classic Properties Color Compression

The Color Compression section has 2 properties: Compress Colors and Compression Rate. Checking Compress Colors activates color compression based on the selected Compression Rate. Color compression merges consecutive dwells together if the number of samples associated with those dwells is small. The Compression Rate controls how aggressively to apply the compression.

Continuous Potential Magnitude Normalization

Fractal Science Kit - Classic Properties Continuous Potential Magnitude Normalization

The Continuous Potential Magnitude Normalization section controls the normalization parameters. See Data Normalization for details. Note that Method is set to Inside/Outside Separately and cannot be changed. Also, several of the parameters are disabled when Region is set to Outside.

Surface Normal (Magnitude)

The Surface Normal (Magnitude) section controls the surface normal vector calculation based on the magnitude value. The surface normal vector is used in the 3D Mapping section of the Classic Controllers properties page to support a 3D lighting model based on the magnitude value.

The surface normal vector at each point is based on the magnitude value at the point in conjunction with values at 2 adjacent points. These 3 values are taken as heights on the surface defined by the complex plane. The properties in this section control the selection and processing of these points/values.

Fractal Science Kit - Classic Properties Surface Normal (Magnitude)

Match Dwell is a Boolean that, when checked, ensures the dwell for the 2 adjacent points match that of the associated point. This can sometimes be used to remove lines in the image at the transition between different dwells.

Invert is a Boolean that, when checked, resets each value to 1-value. This reverses the heights at each point; i.e., high points become low points and low points become high points.

Scale Factor is a value greater than 0 used to scale each value. Values greater than 1 amplify the associated heights, resulting in sharper peaks. Values less than 1 smooth the associated heights.

You can adjust these properties along with the properties in the Continuous Potential Magnitude Normalization section, to control the resulting 3D lighting effects provided by the Classic Controllers. Note that the Continuous Potential Magnitude Normalization properties Transfer Function and Power, have a significant influence on the resulting surface normal calculation.


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