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Controllers Properties Page

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Controllers page maintains a list of Color Controllers. The type of the controllers in the list is given by the location of the page in the page hierarchy. The Controllers page is found under the Classic, Orbit Trap, and Orbital / IFS / Strange Attractor pages. For example, if the Controllers page is found under the Classic page, the controllers are Classic Controllers.

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The following pages are found in the page hierarchy under the Controllers page:

  • <Master Controller>
  • <Controller1>
  • <Controller2>
  • ...

<Master Controller> is a (single) master controller of the appropriate type. <Controller1>, <Controller2>, etc., are a set of controllers that map to the list maintained by this page. For example, if you add a new controller to the list (see below), a new controller page is created in the page hierarchy below the master controller. If you remove a page from the list, the corresponding page in the page hierarchy is also removed. The <Master Controller> page and each of the <Controller> pages is a Program Editor for a Color Controller of the given type.

Fractal Science Kit - Color Controller List

The Controllers list is used to add new controllers, delete existing controllers, and/or reorder the controllers in the list. All operations are performed using the toolbar buttons above the list. Place the mouse pointer over each button to see the associated command. The commands (in order) are:

  • New adds a new default controller to the bottom of the list.
  • Cut deletes the selected controllers from the list and places them on the clipboard.
  • Copy copies the selected controllers to the clipboard.
  • Paste pastes the controllers found on the clipboard into the list just before the 1st selected controller or at the end of the list if the selection is empty.
  • Delete deletes the selected controllers from the list.
  • Move Up moves the selected controllers up in the list of controllers.
  • Move Down moves the selected controllers down in the list of controllers.
  • Undo is used to undo the last change to the controller list.
  • Redo is used to redo a change you previously undid!

You are required to have at least 1 controller in the list. If you attempt to delete all the controllers from the list, a default controller will be added to the list automatically. The master controller can access the controllers in this list using the Controller Functions.


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