L-System Instructions

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L-System Instructions Properties Page

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator L-System Instructions page is used to define the L-System program.

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L-System Instructions

Fractal Science Kit - L-System Instructions

The L-System field lets you select one of the L-System programs in the current file.

The Order property specifies the depth of recursion used when running the program. You should start with a small number and then increase it until you get the required detail. Be forewarned that large numbers can cause the program to hang as it attempts to service your request and you may need to click the Cancel button on the Fractal Window to regain control of the application.

The Instructions section contains the program's instructions and should conform to the syntax of the L-System Language. You can change the instructions to develop a new program and the results will be saved with the fractal. You cannot save program modifications back into the original file however, and you should use a standard text editor (e.g., notepad) for that purpose.


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