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Normalization Properties Page

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Normalization page is found under the Orbital / IFS / Strange Attractor page and holds a set of properties specific to Orbital fractals.

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Fractal Science Kit - Normalization Properties

The Normalization section of the page holds a single field called Sample Value. This field is used to select the sample data value whose normalization parameters you wish to view/edit. Sample Value can be set to the following values:

  • Orbit Point Count
  • Orbit Point Speed
  • Orbit Point Acceleration
  • Orbit Point Attractor Index

These correspond to the Orbital Controllers normalized sample data:

  • Sample.Count
  • Sample.Speed
  • Sample.Acceleration
  • Sample.AttractorIndex

Data Normalization Properties

Fractal Science Kit - Normalization Properties Data Normalization

The bottom section holds the Data Normalization properties for the selected Sample Value. Simply select the value you wish to view/edit and change the associated parameters.


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