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L-System Orbit Trap

Fractal Science Kit Orbit Trap: L-System

L-System is a Fractal Science Kit fractal generator orbit trap based on a construction called a Lindenmayer System described in:

Eric W. Weisstein. "Lindenmayer System."

From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.

Options are provided to control the Center, Radius, Angle of rotation, style used to display vertices (Corner Style), reflection in Y about the trap center (Reflect), and depth of recursion (Order). You also specify a file containing a set of L-System Fractals to explore. Below the L-System properties page in the page hierarchy, you can find the L-System Instructions page so you can view/edit the instructions for the fractals given in the selected file.

See Trap Options for a description of the remaining options.

A file referenced by an L-System orbit trap must be distributed with any program that uses it. It is recommended that you store these files in the folder My Files located in the Fractal Science Kit Home folder. You can organize your L-System files by placing them in a folder that you create under the My Files folder (e.g., My L-Systems). Files located in the hierarchy under My Files will be referenced using a relative path to the file rather than a fully qualified path which is highly specific to your machine. See Sharing Programs for details.

In addition to the built-in L-System programs, hundreds of L-System programs can be found on the Internet. See the links at the bottom of the L-System Language section for details.

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