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Spirolateral Orbit Trap

Fractal Science Kit Orbit Trap: Spirolateral

Spirolateral is a Fractal Science Kit fractal generator orbit trap based on a construction called a Spirolateral described in:

Eric W. Weisstein. "Spirolateral."

From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.

Options are provided to control the Center, Scale, Angle of rotation, and style used to display vertices (Corner Style).

A Spirolateral is formed by taking a series of steps (lines) of length 1, 2, 3...N, with an angle T turn after each step. This process continues until the initial point is reached. Scale is applied to each polygon vertex to size the polygon. Scale = 1 scales all points to fit inside the unit circle. Step Angle is the angle T at which the edge turns at each step. Steps is the number of defined steps (N) in the Step Sizes (comma separated) list which holds the length of each step. The default step sizes are 1, 2, 3...N. If any of the Step Sizes are missing, the default for that step is used. Reverse Steps is a (comma separated) list of steps to reverse. A step is reversed by turning counterclockwise rather than clockwise at the end of the step. For example if Reverse Steps is 1,3 the 1st and 3rd steps are reversed.

See Trap Options for a description of the remaining options.

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