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Program Editors
Adaptive Smoothing
Alternate Mapping
Fractal Equation
L-System Instructions
Magnitude Expression
Mandelbrot / Julia / Newton
Orbit Transformation
Orbit Trap
Orbit Trap Map
Orbital / IFS / Strange Attractor
Orbital Equation
Shape Transformation
Symmetry Transformation
Transformation Array
Triangle Metric

Properties Pages Overview

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Properties Pages are the set of pages accessed using the Properties Window. These pages allow you to view/edit all the properties associated with a fractal. Some of the properties pages contain Fractal Programs. These pages, called Program Editors, allow you to edit a program's instructions, modify a program's properties, or to choose a different program altogether.

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Properties Pages are organized as a hierarchy of pages with finer control found on pages deeper in the hierarchy. In some cases, choices made on a page define the set of dependent pages found in the hierarchy below the current page. For example, changing a property on a page might cause 1 or more pages below the current page in the hierarchy to disappear and/or other pages to appear. Sometimes the same page is found in multiple places within the hierarchy and the page's location determines how the properties on the page are used.

The root of the hierarchy is the General page. Click on the links on the left for details about a specific page.

Please note that throughout this documentation, for historical reasons, most screen shots were generated on a machine running Microsoft Windows XP but Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 users should have no trouble following along.

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