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Fractal Science Kit Support

If you want to report a bug or ask a question, you can send email to me at

You should first read through the Hints and FAQ to see if your problem/question has already been addressed, and look over the documentation to see if the answer is found there. Remember, the Open Documentation toolbar button opens the documentation in your browser to the page that describes the window or the currently selected properties page on the Properties Window. The Open Documentation toolbar button is a small round blue button with a question mark in the center and is the right-most toolbar button on most windows. Those windows that do not have the Open Documentation toolbar button usually have a Help button for this purpose.

If the question pertains to clarification of information found in the documentation, please include the address of the page in your email to point me to the right place. If you are reporting a bug, please include detailed instructions for reproducing the bug and if possible, a fractal properties file illustrating the problem. Don't forget to send any macros you have written that are used by the programs in the file. See Sharing Programs for details.

Please include with your correspondence, your name and email address as given on the About dialog. The About dialog is displayed by clicking the About Fractal Science Kit command on the Help menu of the Fractal Window. The email address found there is the email address you used when you purchased a license for the product which I use as your customer ID. Even if your email address has changed, please send the one given on the About dialog.

If you are are not yet a registered user, simply state that you are evaluating the product in your email.


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