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Fractal Science Kit FAQ

This page contains a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Are updates to the product free?

A: Yes. If you are installing an update to the current version of the product, and you have already registered a previous version, no action is required; i.e., you do not need to register the product again. In fact, the Register Product command is disabled.

Q: Are the fractal properties files available for the images in the online Fractal Image Gallery?

A: Yes, a downloadable collection of illustrative Fractal Examples are available to get you started. The download contains the fractal properties files that I used to generate the online Fractal Image Gallery. You can use these files as a starting point for your own explorations.

Q: Why doesn't the version number of the documentation match the version number of the product?

A: The version number of the product is independent of that of the documentation and these generally do not match. The reason for this is that most minor product updates do not require documentation changes and vice versa. To avoid needless downloads, the product and documentation versions are tracked separately.

Q: My email address has changed since I purchased the product and the email address listed on the About dialog is no longer correct. Does that matter?

A: No. The email address found on the About dialog is the email address you used when you purchased a license for the product which I use as your customer ID. If you want to send me a note to let me know your current email address, I will update it in my records but your customer ID will not change. All correspondence should include your name and email address as given on the About dialog.

Q: Some of the screen shots in the documentation look a little different than the application. Why is that?

A: There are over 400 screen shots in the documentation. Many of the application dialogs have been reworked to look good on a wide range of display hardware. If the changes I make to a dialog are simply cosmetic (e.g., a dialog is resized or the space between labels is increased), I have not updated the documentation. On the other hand, when a dialog is changed in a significant way (e.g., to add a new property), I try to update all related documentation to match the current state of the application. If you find a screen shot that is significantly different than the application, please let me know.


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