Exploring Julia Fractals

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Exploring Julia Fractals

The best way to explore the Julia Fractals associated with a given Mandelbrot Fractal is to use the Preview Julia item on the Tools menu of the Fractal Window to set the required Julia Constant. Remember that the choice of the Julia Constant in large part controls the character of the resulting Julia fractal, and that the best choice for a Julia Constant is a point on the complex plane near the Mandelbrot set boundary since the resulting Julia fractal will have many of the characteristics of the Mandelbrot fractal in the neighborhood of the Julia Constant.

The Preview Julia command lets you use the Mandelbrot fractal as a map for choosing the Julia Constant.

When you select the Preview Julia item (or press the Preview Julia toolbar button), the Fractal Science Kit changes the cursor to a cross and places the Fractal Window into a state where clicking on the Mandelbrot fractal generates a Julia fractal preview in the Preview Window. The point on the Mandelbrot fractal where you click is used as the Julia Constant for the preview. There is a single Preview Window shared by all windows and each click on the Mandelbrot image generates a new Julia fractal preview, replacing any image currently in the Preview Window. If you wish to cancel the operation, simply select the menu item or toolbar button again. While you are in this state, the Preview Julia menu item has a check next to it and the Preview Julia toolbar button is depressed.

Try clicking at various points on a Mandelbrot fractal and view the resulting Julia Fractals. The Julia fractal will be quite different depending on the characteristics of the point you click on. If you like the Julia preview, you can click on the image in the Preview Window and a new Fractal Window will open with a full-sized version of the preview.


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