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Angle Relief
Apollonian Gasket
Apollonian Gasket Orbit Trap
Apollonian Gasket Variations
Apollonian Marble
Borromean Rings
Carnival Night
Chained Marble
Circle Inversion
Circle Orbit Trap
Circular Vine Orbit Trap
Convergent Angle Relief
Convergent Atan 2
Convergent Orbit Trap
Daisy Orbit Trap
Direct Color
Dragon Flame
Elliptic Splits IFS
Epitrochoid Rose Orbit Trap
Feathered Steel
Fractal Sculpture
Grand Julian IFS
Hyperbolic Attractor
Hyperbolic Dragon
Hyperbolic Mobius
Hyperbolic Pattern
Hyperbolic Rep Tile
Isogonal Polygon Orbit Trap
Julia Map
Julia Pattern Map (page 1)
Julia Pattern Map (page 2)
Julia Pattern Map (page 3)
Kleinian Group Attractor
Kleinian Group Orbit Trap
Kleinian Marble
L-System Orbit Trap
Mobius Dragon IFS
Mobius Patterns (page 1)
Mobius Patterns (page 2)
Mobius Patterns (page 3)
Newton Trap Relief
Newton's Lattice
Orbit Trap
Pewter and Brass
Plane Symmetry Group
Rep-9 Tile
Schottky Group
Splits Ngon
Steiner Chain Orbit Trap
Symmetric Attractor
Symmetric Icon
Tangent Circles
Unit Circle Group
Yin and Yang

Fractal Science Kit Image Gallery

This gallery contains a collection of over 500 fractal images generated using the built-in programs included with the Fractal Science Kit fractal generator. This is but a small sampling of the types of images that can be generated using different combinations of the built-in programs and properties.

The gallery is divided into multiple pages, where each page contains a set of related images. Click on the links at the left or on the images below to access the gallery pages. Each gallery image has 2 names given underneath the image. The top name is the name of the image and the bottom name is the name of the properties file found in the Fractal Science Kit Examples download that was used to generate the image. See the section at the bottom of this page for information on the Fractal Science Kit Examples download.

Please note that the images in the Fractal Science Kit Image Gallery (and throughout this site) have been compressed to reduce the size of the associated image files. While this improves the speed at which the page can be delivered to your computer, it also degrades the image somewhat. The images as produced by the Fractal Science Kit fractal generator are of higher quality but are significantly larger files.

I allow non-commercial use of any of the images in the Fractal Science Kit Image Gallery on your web site as long as you attribute the image as having been created by Ross Hilbert using the Fractal Science Kit fractal generator and include a link to on your site.

Commercial use of the images in the Fractal Science Kit Image Gallery requires a license. I would be happy to work with you to license any of the images, and can provide you with large, high quality image files to your specifications. Contact me at for details.

Also, check out my deviantART gallery and join me on Facebook and/or Flickr to view more of my images.

If you would like to purchase a print of any of these images, I have a RedBubble gallery where large, high quality renders of many of these images can be found. If the image you are interested in is not found there, contact me at and I will add it to the RedBubble gallery.

To view a short video of several of these images set to music, click Fractal Beat.

Fractal: Angle Relief

Angle Relief

Fractal: Apollonian Gasket

Apollonian Gasket

Fractal: Apollonian Gasket Orbit Trap

Apollonian Gasket Orbit Trap

Fractal: Apollonian Gasket Variations

Apollonian Gasket Variations

Fractal: Apollonian Marble

Apollonian Marble

Fractal: Borromean Rings

Borromean Rings

Fractal: Carnival Night

Carnival Night

Fractal: Chained Marble

Chained Marble

Fractal: Circle Inversion

Circle Inversion

Fractal: Circle Orbit Trap

Circle Orbit Trap

Fractal: Circular Vine Orbit Trap

Circular Vine Orbit Trap

Fractal: Circumcenter


Fractal: Convergent Angle Relief

Convergent Angle Relief

Fractal: Convergent Atan 2

Convergent Atan 2

Fractal: Convergent Orbit Trap

Convergent Orbit Trap

Fractal: Daisy Orbit Trap

Daisy Orbit Trap

Fractal: Direct Color

Direct Color

Fractal: Dragon Flame

Dragon Flame

Fractal: Elliptic Splits IFS

Elliptic Splits IFS

Fractal: Epitrochoid Rose Orbit Trap

Epitrochoid Rose Orbit Trap

Fractal: Feathered Steel

Feathered Steel

Fractal: Fractal Sculpture

Fractal Sculpture

Fractal: Grand Julian IFS

Grand Julian IFS

Fractal: Hyperbolic Attractor

Hyperbolic Attractor

Fractal: Hyperbolic Dragon

Hyperbolic Dragon

Fractal: Hyperbolic Mobius

Hyperbolic Mobius

Fractal: Hyperbolic Pattern

Hyperbolic Pattern

Fractal: Hyperbolic Rep Tile

Hyperbolic Rep Tile

Fractal: Incenter


Fractal: Isogonal Polygon Orbit Trap

Isogonal Polygon Orbit Trap

Fractal: Julia Map

Julia Map

Fractal: Julia Pattern Map

Julia Pattern Map (page 1)

Fractal: Julia Pattern Map

Julia Pattern Map (page 2)

Fractal: Julia Pattern Map

Julia Pattern Map (page 3)

Fractal: Kaleidoscope


Fractal: Kleinian Group Attractor

Kleinian Group Attractor

Fractal: Kleinian Group Orbit Trap

Kleinian Group Orbit Trap

Fractal: Kleinian Marble

Kleinian Marble

Fractal: L-System Orbit Trap

L-System Orbit Trap

Fractal: Mobius Dragon IFS

Mobius Dragon IFS

Fractal: Mobius Patterns

Mobius Patterns (page 1)

Fractal: Mobius Patterns

Mobius Patterns (page 2)

Fractal: Mobius Patterns

Mobius Patterns (page 3)

Fractal: Newton Trap Relief

Newton Trap Relief

Fractal: Newton's Lattice

Newton's Lattice

Fractal: Orbit Trap

Orbit Trap

Fractal: Orthocenter


Fractal: Pewter and Brass

Pewter and Brass

Fractal: Phoenix


Fractal: Plane Symmetry Group

Plane Symmetry Group

Fractal: Rep-9 Tile

Rep-9 Tile

Fractal: Schottky Group

Schottky Group

Fractal: Splits Ngon

Splits Ngon

Fractal: Steiner Chain Orbit Trap

Steiner Chain Orbit Trap

Fractal: Symmetric Attractor

Symmetric Attractor

Fractal: Symmetric Icon

Symmetric Icon

Fractal: Tangent Circles

Tangent Circles

Fractal: Unit Circle Group

Unit Circle Group

Fractal: Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang


Fractal Science Kit Examples

A downloadable collection of illustrative Fractal Examples are available to get you started quickly. The examples are a set of fractal properties files that you can download to experiment with, along with a description of each example and suggestions for things to try. The download contains the fractal properties files that I used to generate the images in this gallery. You can use these files as a starting point for your own explorations.

Click the link below to get started:

Fractal Science Kit Examples

This page contains links to detailed descriptions of each example with experiments to illustrate key concepts that you can use to produce hundreds of variations, and a link to download the examples.

In addition to the examples, there are a set of Tutorials that take you step by step through the process of creating a fractal using the Fractal Science Kit with lots of fractal images along the way to spark your interest.


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