Trap Functions

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Trap Functions Support

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Trap functions are available only in the finalize section of the Mandelbrot Alternate Values instructions. They provide access to the set of trapped points associated with the orbit. That is, when Orbit Trap processing is active, the set of traps are applied to each orbit point resulting in 0 or more trapped points. At the end of the orbit, the list of trapped points can be accessed from the finalize section of the Mandelbrot alternate mapping instructions.


Trap.Count() is the number of trapped points. Trap.Value(index), Trap.Angle(index), Trap.Index(index), Trap.Delta(index), Trap.Dwell(index) and Trap.Id(index) return the trapped point's value, angle (in radians), index, delta, dwell and id. The argument index should be in the range 0 to Trap.Count()-1.


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