Flame Functions

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Flame Functions Support

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator Flame functions are a set of non-linear transformations given by Scott Draves and Erik Reckase in the paper The Fractal Flame Algorithm.


Complex Flame.Linear(z, w)
Complex Flame.Sinusoidal(z, w)
Complex Flame.Spherical(z, w)
Complex Flame.Swirl(z, w)
Complex Flame.Horseshoe(z, w)
Complex Flame.Polar(z, w)
Complex Flame.Handkerchief(z, w)
Complex Flame.Heart(z, w)
Complex Flame.Disc(z, w)
Complex Flame.Spiral(z, w)
Complex Flame.Hyperbolic(z, w)
Complex Flame.Diamond(z, w)
Complex Flame.Ex(z, w)
Complex Flame.Julia(z, w)
Complex Flame.Bent(z, w)
Complex Flame.Waves(z, w, Affine affineT)
Complex Flame.Fisheye(z, w)
Complex Flame.Popcorn(z, w, Affine affineT)
Complex Flame.Exponential(z, w)
Complex Flame.Power(z, w)
Complex Flame.Cosine(z, w)
Complex Flame.Rings(z, w, Affine affineT)
Complex Flame.Fan(z, w, Affine affineT)
Complex Flame.Blob(z, w, high, low, waves)
Complex Flame.Pdj(z, w, a, b, c, d)
Complex Flame.Fan2(z, w, x, y)
Complex Flame.Rings2(z, w, val)
Complex Flame.Eyefish(z, w)
Complex Flame.Bubble(z, w)
Complex Flame.Cylinder(z, w)
Complex Flame.Perspective(z, w, angle, dist)
Complex Flame.Noise(z, w)
Complex Flame.JuliaN(z, w, power, dist)
Complex Flame.Juliascope(z, w, power, dist)
Complex Flame.Blur(w)
Complex Flame.Gaussian(w)
Complex Flame.RadialBlur(z, w, angle)
Complex Flame.Pie(z, w, slices, rotation, thickness)
Complex Flame.Ngon(z, w, power, sides, corners, circle)
Complex Flame.Curl(z, w, c1, c2)
Complex Flame.Rectangles(z, w, x, y)
Complex Flame.Arch(w)
Complex Flame.Tangent(z, w)
Complex Flame.Square(w)
Complex Flame.Rays(z, w)
Complex Flame.Blade(z, w)
Complex Flame.Secant2(z, w)
Complex Flame.Twintrian(z, w)
Complex Flame.Cross(z, w)
Complex Flame.Disc2(z, w, rot, twist)
Complex Flame.Supershape(z, w, rnd, m, n1, n2, n3, holes)
Complex Flame.Flower(z, w, petals, holes)
Complex Flame.Conic(z, w, eccentricity, holes)
Complex Flame.Parabola(z, w, width, height)
Complex Flame.Bent2(z, w, x, y)
Complex Flame.Bipolar(z, w, shift)
Complex Flame.Boarders(z, w)
Complex Flame.Butterfly(z, w)
Complex Flame.Cell(z, w, size)
Complex Flame.Cpow(z, w, r, i, power)
Complex Flame.Curve(z, w, xamp, yamp, xlength, ylength)
Complex Flame.Edisc(z, w)
Complex Flame.Elliptic(z, w)
Complex Flame.Escher(z, w, beta)
Complex Flame.Foci(z, w)
Complex Flame.Lazysusan(z, w, space, twist, spin, x, y)
Complex Flame.Loonie(z, w)
Complex Flame.PreBlur(w)
Complex Flame.Modulus(z, w, x, y)
Complex Flame.Oscilloscope(z, w, separation, frequency, amplitude, damping)
Complex Flame.Polar2(z, w)
Complex Flame.Popcorn2(z, w, x, c)
Complex Flame.Scry(z, w)
Complex Flame.Separation(z, w, x, xinside, y, yinside)
Complex Flame.Split(z, w, xsize, ysize)
Complex Flame.Splits(z, w, x, y)
Complex Flame.Stripes(z, w, space, warp)
Complex Flame.Wedge(z, w, angle, hole, count, swirl)
Complex Flame.WedgeJulia(z, w, power, dist, count, angle)
Complex Flame.WedgeSph(z, w, angle, hole, count, swirl)
Complex Flame.Whorl(z, w, inside, outside)
Complex Flame.Waves2(z, w, scalex, scaley, freqx, freqy)
Complex Flame.Exp(z, w)
Complex Flame.Log(z, w)
Complex Flame.Sin(z, w)
Complex Flame.Cos(z, w)
Complex Flame.Tan(z, w)
Complex Flame.Sec(z, w)
Complex Flame.Csc(z, w)
Complex Flame.Cot(z, w)
Complex Flame.Sinh(z, w)
Complex Flame.Cosh(z, w)
Complex Flame.Tanh(z, w)
Complex Flame.Sech(z, w)
Complex Flame.Csch(z, w)
Complex Flame.Coth(z, w)
Complex Flame.Auger(z, w, freq, weight, sym, scale)
Complex Flame.Flux(z, w, spread)
Complex Flame.Mobius(z, w, a, b, c, d)
Complex Flame.Glynnia2(z, w)
Complex Flame.ShapePath(w, shape, linewidth, highlight, power, shadow)
Complex Flame.Galaxy(z, w, power)
Complex Flame.TwistedCorners(z, w, power)
Complex Flame.Shape(z, w, shape, inverse)
Complex Flame.ShapeBlend(z, w, shape1, shape2, inverse, blend)
Complex Flame.TransformationArray(z, w, index)


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