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Program Identifiers

A Fractal Science Kit program identifier must begin with a letter and may contain upper/lower case letters, numbers, or the underscore character (_). Identifiers are case insensitive. That is, identifiers that differ only in character case represent the same identifier. For example, the identifiers center, Center, and CENTER, represent the same identifier. You can use character case to improve readability or to distinguish different types of data (e.g., some use identifiers with all caps for constants), but once you choose a representation, it is recommended that you use it consistently throughout the program.

Most program constructs (variables, objects, fields) require names that adhere to the above definition. However, a few (inline function names, inline method names), additionally allow a period (.) within the name to allow functions/methods to be grouped together based on their name (e.g., Mobius.Translate, Mobius.Rotate, Mobius.Scale, Mobius.Invert). The prefix is frequently an Object name and it is used to group together all the functions related to the named object (Mobius in the previous example). When the word identifier is used, it should be taken in the strict sense as defined above, and any additional characters that are allowed, will be listed.


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