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Fractal Program Types

There are 12 different Program Types supported by the Fractal Science Kit fractal generator.

While this may seem overwhelming at first glance, be assured that each type is responsible for performing a small, well defined task, which can be handled by the default configuration until you choose to explore that area of the application. What's more, because of this partitioning, there are countless opportunities for combining programs in new and unusual ways.

The different Program Types fall into 4 major categories:

What follows is a description of each category, the specific Program Types within the category, and all the information necessary to write programs of that type. I have included a few simple examples within the text, but I refer you to the built-in programs for many illustrative examples of all the concepts described here and throughout this documentation. There is nothing better than a good example when it comes to developing software, and the built-in programs provide hundreds of such examples and cover all the different program types.


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