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Shape Orbit Trap

Fractal Science Kit Orbit Trap: Shape

Shape is a Fractal Science Kit fractal generator orbit trap based on a blend of 1 or 2 polar curves and a set of related properties. The Type property and the Shape 1 and Shape 2 sections are identical to those on the Shape Transformation page. The Center and Angle properties define the center of the trap and the angle of rotation. If the Solid property is checked, the shape is displayed as a solid (a filled shape) and the properties Peak At Hole and Hole are enabled. Hole controls the size of a hole cut out of the center of the shape. The default value for Hole is 0 which eliminates the hole. If Peak At Hole is checked, the peak is located on the edge adjacent to the hole. Otherwise, it is located on the outside edge. The Count property controls the number of concentric shapes to generate; Radial Spacing is the space between the shapes. Count and Radial Spacing are disabled if Solid is checked. Line Width is the extent of the trap on either side of the curve.

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